Wabeco D2400E Lathe with 100mm 3 Jaw chuck

Wabeco D2400E Lathe The Wabeco D2400E Lathe is manufactured in Germany and comes with a 5 year warranty. It is manufactured to toolmaker's accuracy and comes with the appropriate inspection report.

It comes standard with a 100mm 3 Jaw chuck with turning and drilling jaw. It has an electronically infinately variable drive from 30 to 2300 rpm, equipped with a strong work spindle drive with dynamic speed-controlled main drive motor, which can be adjusted by means of a potentiometer over a wide range of cutting speeds.

The standard motor is very adequate with single-phase inverse speed motor 1.4 kW, 230 V, 50 Hz as a direct current model with continuous rpm surveillance. It maintains constant torque throughout the entire speed range.

The work spindle bore has a diameter of 20 mm, and can be rotated both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

It has an automatic longitudinal feed with a leading spindle drive and change gear quadrant for thread cutting.

Emco Australia Item Code: Metric: 95-10200
Australian Retail price: $9,410 (includes GST)
Export price: AU$8,555
Purchase lead time: 10 to 12 weeks
Payment terms: 50% deposit on order, final 50% before shipping

Wabeco D2400E Lathe with 125mm 3 Jaw chuck

Emco Australia Item Code: Metric: 95-10201
Australian Retail price: $9,812 (includes GST)
Export price: AU$8,902

Wabeco D2400E Lathe with 125mm 4 Jaw chuck

Emco Australia Item Code: Metric: 95-10202
Australian Retail price: $9,792 (includes GST)
Export price: AU$8,920


  • Centre distance: 500 mm
  • Centre height: 110 mm
  • Power: 1.4 kW, 230V, 50Hz
  • Spindle speed infinitely variable rpm: 30 to 2300 rpm
  • Spindle bore: 20 mm optional 30 mm
  • Taper in spindle nose: MT3 only if spindle bore is 20 mm
  • Diam of chuck work above cross slide rest: 126 mm
  • Travel of cross slide: 110 mm
  • Travel of longitudinal slide: 58 mm
  • Swivel range of the upper slide rest: 360 degrees
  • Max. height of turning tools: 20 mm
  • Truth of rotation of spindle nose: 0.005 mm
  • Cylindrical turning to 100 mm unsupported: 0.01 mm
  • Diam of chuck work, measured above the guiding bars: 220 mm
  • Travel of tailstock sleeve: 65 mm
  • Tailstock sleeve bore: MT2
  • Tailstock offset range: +/- 10 mm
  • Automatic feed: 0.085 - optional 0.16 mm
  • Thread pitch: optional
  • Metric thread: 0.4 to 4.0 mm
  • Inch thread: 10-32 TPI
  • Machine dimensions (W x H x D): 1200 x 410 x 420 mm
  • Weight net (without packing): 65 kg
  • Weight gross (with packing): 95 kg